GENERAL Regulations

Without prejudice to what is established in these Regulations, with regard to the base of S. Croce (large base) and Poiatte (small base), please refer to the specific BASE Regulations.

GENERAL Regulations

Art.1 – Access to nautical headquarters facilities

  1. Only members of the Belluno section of the Lega Navale Italiana are allowed access to the nautical sites (S. Croce base and Poiatte base).
  2. It is also allowed access to them, with the permission of the Executive Board and for limited periods, to members belonging to other sections / delegations of the Italian Naval League and members of the Italian Sailing Federation at other clubs affiliated to it.
  3. Members and authorised persons may only access the private equipment storage areas and the changing rooms. For this purpose, keys to the aforementioned areas shall be made available in accordance with common security requirements. Members undertake to pursue and maintain the utmost decorum, order and cleanliness in all the spaces of the nautical centres; in the event of deterioration of the infrastructures such as to make these spaces totally or partially unusable, Members must promptly report the matter to the Base Managers who will restore their efficiency.
  4. Members may only access the premises normally closed to them in the presence of a person in charge; it is expressly forbidden for Members to remove, modify, alter or damage any equipment that is not their own property.
  5. Members who are the last to leave the nautical premises must ensure that all accesses to the premises, including driveways, are closed and secure; damages resulting from failure to comply with this rule will be charged to the negligent member.
  6. Access for underage members is only permitted in the presence of an accompanying / adult instructor.
  7. The Executive Board has the right at any time, without prior notice and at its sole discretion, to prohibit members from using common facilities and equipment if the minimum safety requirements are not met or if damage to persons or property or other causes of force majeure may occur.
  8. The Executive Board has the unquestionable right to refuse access to the nautical premises to equipment belonging to new members if: a) the fact determines the impossibility of providing all members with the minimum services; b) these constitute an objective impediment to the performance of the statutory activities.
  9. Members shall not hinder in any way the holding of events organised at nautical venues.
  10. Dogs must be kept on a leash so as not to disturb other visitors. Owners must ensure that their animals do not soil themselves by providing appropriate equipment.

Art.2 – Equipment owned by the Belluno Section

  1. The Belluno Section of the Italian Naval League provides its members with sports equipment and support for social activities, and undertakes to keep it in perfect working order: its use is always subject to the presence of a Section officer. Members who use the common equipment must take the utmost care of it and refrain from using it in such a way as to create dangerous situations for themselves or for other people or things.
  2. Members who use the boats, whether social or private, are obliged to register with the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV).
  3. The use of the common equipment by underage members in the absence of their parents is only permitted with the written consent of one of them and under the supervision of an instructor from the headquarters.
  4. Members use the equipment, whether common or private, at their own risk; the request to use the equipment owned by the Section implicitly implies that they have perfectly mastered its use. The use of the Section's boats is governed by special regulations; members who for any reason damage the equipment must repair it at their own expense or pay for the damage.
  5. The Section accepts no liability for damage to persons or property caused by members while using any equipment.
  6. It is strictly forbidden for members to grant the use of common equipment to third parties outside the Section.
  7. The use of the common equipment is limited to the opening period of the nautical centres, which is established annually by the Executive Board with an official opening and closing day. Outside this period, equipment of particular value or which does not guarantee sufficient safety in relation to the environmental conditions shall be stored and suspended from operation.
  8. In the event of damage to the communal equipment, the member who notices its inefficiency must report it promptly to a Manager before using it, who will take the necessary steps to make it safe.
  9. A member who uses the common equipment must, at the end of its use, carefully put it back where and how it was taken.
  10. No form of reservation or ranking is permitted in the use of the common equipment.

Art.3 – Use of private equipment

  1. The Section provides the possibility of using special premises and open spaces for the storage of private equipment: the granting of this right is subject to the possession of the title of member and the payment of an annual fee established by the Executive Board.
  2. Pursuant to Art. 9 of the Articles of Association, termination of membership shall entail loss of the right to garaging. Upon the loss of the aforementioned right, the Section shall issue a registered letter with return receipt requesting the removal of the unlawfully stored materials within a pre-established deadline, after which it shall proceed independently to store them in a quarantine area and subsequently to use them for the institutional purposes of the Section (established in a specific supplementary regulation).
  3. The Section accepts no liability for damage, theft or breakage of private equipment. Members shall take appropriate measures to avoid damage caused by bad weather.
  4. Members who use the storage service must ensure that their equipment is tidy and clean, and that it is placed in an orderly manner in accordance with the layout of each base; in the case of boats, it must have a suitable cover and inflated trolley wheels. The use of tyres to support the boats is forbidden.
  5. Members must ensure at all times that their equipment and boats are in good condition for safe navigation and that they do not pose any danger to the member or to other people or things.
BASE Regulations
Base of S. Croce (large base)
  1. The areas of the S. Croce base (large base) are distinguished by function and use as published in the thematic map.
  2. The two access gates to the base must be kept closed: they can be fitted with a padlock with a key or a combination (the combination is changed periodically and communicated to frequent members, it must not be communicated to non-members), they must be opened to enter and closed again as soon as you have passed.
  3. The thematic map of the base represents the different areas: transit and parking areas for vehicles and trolleys; parking areas for members' and LNI boats and any guests; buildings and social areas; buildings and reserved areas.
  4. It is always forbidden for all vehicles and road trolleys to transit and park in the entire area adjacent to the ramp, and in the areas not specifically dedicated.
  5. The stopping and parking of vehicles, trolleys and materials is not permitted on the straight road between the gate and the internal car park for insurance and safety reasons.
  6. Entry through the gate is only permitted for members' vehicles: temporary guests and accompanying persons may use the car park outside the gate.
  7. The ramp can only be used on foot, with hand carts, or if necessary, with the operator of a dedicated winch or machine.
  8. Buildings with common areas are open to all attending members, who will use them with care and decorum and leave them in order when leaving at the end of the day.
  9. The buildings with common areas are: secretary's office, changing rooms, white-green marquee, shower building with 2 showers and service, service building with 3 toilets.
  10. The buildings with reserved areas are not open to frequenting members, who may however enter for service reasons with a designated escort.
  11. Buildings with reserved areas are: secretary's office, new changing rooms, gate building, shower building with engine room and sail room, central building with workshop and pantry, social materials shed.
  12. Parking for technical and secretariat vehicles is in front of the secretariat, parking for members and road trolleys is between the road and the railway as shown on the thematic map.
  13. The pitches for social boats and Members' boats are described in the thematic map and in the Secretariat is also available the map with the allocation of the pitches. Pitches are assigned according to the unquestionable judgement of the Executive Board according to criteria of use (racing area for Class and pleasure area) and the right to a berth is obtained from year to year by merit, according to the LNI Nautical Bases Regulations valid at national level.
  14. Serious and repeated infringements to the rules of use of the base imply sanctions against the transgressing members ranging from verbal to written warning to the suspension of access to the base.
Poiatte base (small base)
  1. The Poiatte base (small base) is open to all members who must use it with care and decorum and leave it tidy and clean on their way out.
  2. The equipment of the base such as parasols, chairs and tables must always be cleaned and put away in order and in their place at the end of the day.
  3. It is forbidden for members to park inside the Poiatte base areas; only the following people are allowed to park inside: Base Manager; Windsurfing Instructors (max. 2 cars).
  4. The central area must be kept clear at all times to allow the passage of boats/windsurfers at all times. Members must rig their windsurfs in non-interfering areas (along the lake side); the same goes for the windsurf school which has a dedicated area (along the south side fence) and for the boats (along the central area fence).
  5. The launching / hauling ramp must be kept clear at all times to allow the passage of boats / windsurfers at all times. An exception to this is the windsurfing school, limited to the duration of lessons, which in any case must always facilitate the launching and hauling of all other windsurfs and boats.
  6. The boats (dinghies) operating at this base must be allowed to operate at the slipway only for the time strictly necessary for access to the lake (launching and hauling) and for the possible change of crew, which must take place in the shortest possible time and in full respect of safety; to this end, it will be the responsibility of the person in charge of the activities of the boats and their crews to carefully evaluate the moments in which to carry out these operations ensuring maximum safety for people and things.
  7. The use of the base's premises and facilities for purposes other than Section activities is not permitted; all activities other than ordinary ones must be communicated to and agreed with the Base Manager.
  8. Serious and repeated infringements of the rules for the use of the base will result in sanctions against the offending members, ranging from verbal and written warnings to suspension of access to the base.

N.B. Please also refer to the GENERAL Regulations

Access to the lake, navigation
  1. Only members and occasional family members (to be recorded in the Guest Register) may access the ramp for hauling and launching, under their personal responsibility: aware of their condition and of the weather and environmental conditions in progress and developing, having verified the condition of the boat and equipment in accordance with the planned activities, they decide to carry out the activity during the periods when the Base is open. Given the truly modest cost, it is highly recommended that you take out the additional third party liability insurance, as provided for by FIV regulations, which will allow you to carry out your nautical activities with greater peace of mind. For more details: FIV Insurance Coverage 2019.
  2. The support service for hauling and launching, assistance and support in the water is not due but depends on the willingness and goodwill of the participants. Out-of-pocket and facility costs for use of social materials for on-water support are to be reimbursed by the applicant.
  3. The lake is subject to regulations and ordinances of the Municipality: in this regard we invite you to read the Ordinance of the Municipality of Alpago n. 59 of 2015 on the discipline of kite-surfing and windsurfing on the Lake of S. Croce. It is considered that whoever navigates in these waters is aware of and accepts the rules and regulations in force, acting accordingly without involving the society in actions that are however of personal initiative and choice.
  4. Occasional guests authorised by the Executive Board or athletes enrolled in a regatta in progress may access the hauling and launching ramp and the surrounding areas under their own personal responsibility: aware of their condition and of the weather and environmental conditions in progress and developing, having checked the condition of the boat and equipment in accordance with the planned activities, they decide to carry out the activity.
  5. Persons who have access to the lake must wear an approved life jacket, or if exempt, an approved buoyancy aid.
Regulations for the use of social drifts
  1. Social materials are not free to use, they must be reserved and the activity must be recorded in the Register; they are made available by the person in charge after check-out and returned after use for check-in without damage (unless reimbursed or brought equivalent and restored). Any damage must be reported to the reception, as the member who used the item is responsible for the damage.
  2. Social boats may only be delivered at previously agreed times, after fulfilment of the procedures for use.
  3. The member requesting the use of the social boats shall sign the regulations and the declaration of liability and indemnity.
  4. The reservation of the outing must be made in advance in order to arrange for the person in charge to actually deliver and collect the social boat.
  5. Respect for the timetable is essential: failure to respect the timetable agreed with the supervisor may result in disciplinary action.
  6. The founding and characteristic social element of the association has always been solidarity, all members who attend are invited to report problems and necessary improvements to the supervisor: within a tight time frame, the improvement process is deliberated and organised with the possible support of volunteer members and the necessary investment to cover expenses.
  7. Any behaviour of the user Member that differs from the rules governing this activity or attitudes that lack common sense or are insufficiently safe will result in disciplinary sanctions: from a verbal or written warning, to suspension from the right to use the means, to suspension as a frequenter Member.
Members berth request form
2019 FIV Regulations
* N.B. All activities are also subject to the GENERAL Regulations and the BASE Regulations.
Sailing Sailing


The Sailing School is directed by qualified instructors of the Lega Navale Italiana and of the Federazione Italiana Vela.
Windsurf Windsurf


Windsurfing courses are conducted by a qualified FIV instructor and take place on BIC Sport school boards.
Kitesurf Kitesurf


Kitesurfing courses are conducted by a qualified FIV instructor.
Wing - Foil Wing - Foil

Wing - Foil

A new, easy way to surf while having fun, in all conditions, from light to strong winds, from the lake to the waves....
Rowing Rowing


The boat Coastal Rowing C4X+ provided by the FIC - Federazione Italiana Canottaggio is available to promote the sport of rowing in our lake.